Street Planters


For some years now GMCIB has provided and maintained the colourful street planters that are enjoyed by the whole Town.

We now have eight planters throughout the Town.These have become very much part of the Town’s landscape.

This means the plants in the planters are regularly maintained and changed for both the summer and winter seasons.

The Town Council kindly help us by arranging for some of them to be watered in the summer.

The Godmanchester Community Association,under their very successful GMC Club 800 monthly raffles scheme,have generously given us grants to allow us to buy and fill most of the planters.

Such has been the success of the street planters that 3 individuals and groups have also taken on the planting and maintenance of “their” planters also to great effect.


Almond Close in Bloom are one of these.We are grateful to them and all those who so regularly look after them.

This brings not only the colour to various parts of the Town but also is for the benefit of the whole community.

Should you feel able to help with a planter we look forward to hearing from you please.



Susan Constable

Malcolm Cohen

Open Gardens 2024

Open Gardens will take place this year over the weekend of 8 and 9 June.